There are many tools for selecting objects (taxa, characters, trees, cells in the matrix, etc.) in Mesquite, and these selections are an important and pervasive part of the system. Many features in Mesquite are designed to work on the selected objects.

In addition to selecting objects in the standard ways, here are some of the key tools:
  • the magic wand in list windows
  • the Select based on value... option available in the popup menu in the title of various list window columns
  • selecting a bars or points in a chart will select the objects that are represented by those bars or points.

In addition, some displays highlight the selected objects in interesting ways. For example, if you have a bar chart showing the distribution of some statistic (e.g., treelength) over a set of trees, then select half of those trees in the List of Trees window, then the portion of the bars in the chart represented by those trees will be highlighted in the chart.