Mesquite has been developed with the assistance of a Fellowship to WPM from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, an NSERC Discovery grant to WPM, NSF support via the CIPRES project, and NSF grant DEB 1258220 to DRM, and the patience of our families.

The following are gratefully acknowledged for direct assistance with Mesquite's programming or source code. David Swofford helped with the implementation of the likelihood calculations, and supplied code for the optimization routines. John Huelsenbeck gave us portions of the code used in calculation of change probabilities for the Ti/Tv rate matrix model. Lars Rosengreen helped us prepare the code for compilation by means other than Codewarrior. Rutger Vos has led the development of NeXML for Mesquite, which is not yet integrated into the standard packages, but we look forward to making it so.

We offer our thanks to the many users who have given suggestions and bug reports. We would like to single out Michel Laurin, Jonathan Coddington, and Kojun Kanda for extensive feedback. Maureen O'Leary gave advice on the use of Mesquite for large morphological data matrices. Thanks to Karen Cranston for her suggestion to use Wikispaces for the documentation.

Mesquite has benefitted from support to Wayne Maddison and David Maddison by the University of Arizona, the University of British Columbia, Oregon State University, and the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin.